Chamber Music

 “At Ein-Dor” – For choir


 “Lea” – a mono opera for a woman singer-dancer, piano, ude and percussion.

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A monodrama for a singer-dancer-actress and ensemble, composed to the text by Anda Amir-Pinkerfeld. It is a new interpretation to the story of Lea, the biblical matriarch. Lea reveals to us her feelings, thoughts and desire since her first meeting with Jacob until their wedding night, the night Jacob was sure he is marring her sister Rachel. With: Lea Abraham – Singer-dancer-actress Ori Leshman – Piano Shem Tov Levy – Flutes Gershon Weisefirer – Ude Zur Ben-Zev – Contrabass Noam Chen – Percussions


 “Bereniky” – for violoncello and piano, actress and 3 actors.


 “Keter Malchut” (Iben Gabirol) – For mezzo-soprano, violin, viola and Violoncello.


 “Elegia” – For alto flute, English horn, 2 temple blocks and cembalo.


 “About Oblivion and Tranquility” – for flute, bass clarinet, viola, vibraphone, voice (alto) and harp.


 Three pieces for oboe, clarinet and bassoon.



 String Quartet no. 1



 Three movements for solo flute.


 Lied for violoncello and piano (from the play “Bereniky”)



 “A kind of Alaska” (H. Pinter) – electronic music.